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Greener Carpet Cleaners is a company dedicated to providing outstanding carpet and rug cleaning services to homes and office in Melbourne and the area. We promise amazing results and always deliver what we promise.

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All Your Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Needs Under One Roof

Why Greener Carpet Cleaners are the Right Choice for You

Greener Carpet Cleaners started off as a small company with a small goal in mind - deliver the most detailed carpet and upholstery cleaning services in the heart of the city of Melbourne. We saw through what was lacking in the field - the understanding of what clients really wanted. Greener gets it - you don’t want to simply get your rug cleaned. You want to send the message that you’re a person who cares about the little details in their home (like the state of their carpet), and we’re here to help you deliver that message.

By booking our services, you get to demonstrate your excellent levels of domestic maintenance, without having to waste a whole afternoon (or more) in doing so. We exist to make your life easier!

How Do We Do It?

Greener Carpet Cleaners offers you a series of benefits, including:

All of this (and more) is what helped us achieve the amazing quality work that helped us grow from a small company covering only a few city blocks to one of the biggest cleaning companies in Melbourne, covering the whole city.

The Finest Services Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services You Will Find in Melbourne

Due to the cleaners experience and expertise, as well as the use of professional-grade equipment, we offer outstanding services. The end result is excellent-looking carpets and upholstered furniture that have an increased longevity due to the mechanisms involved in their cleaning. But you don’t have to take our word for it - give us a call on 03 8566 7542, book our carpet or upholstery cleaning services and see for yourself.

Greener Carpet Cleaners - grass is never greener on the other side when you work with us!

4.50 out of 5 based on 6 reviews

Happy clients about us

I made a short-notice booking to get my carpets cleaned after an engagement party we hosted in our main hall and this company got all of the stains out in one service. Couldn't ask for more.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

K. Parmer 22-05-2014


I'm always worried when I entrust my old rugs to random companies, but you proved yourselves in my eyes. I've used your service twice now, and as long as the quality stays as high, I'll continue to use in the future.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Marjoram P. 04-10-2013


I was really pleased with the quality of cleaning, especially considering the price! Would definitely use this service again.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Sophia Wall 27-08-2013


We've used your mattress cleaning service for several months now - our hotel is small but it gets heavy traffic in summer. We've never been disappointed with your service in the slightest, and we're a fan of the rates too!

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Alexandra Sheridan 14-07-2013


We run a small motel on the outskirts of Melbourne and knew the upholstery had to be cleaned, as it didn't look too good. You came at the time you promised, and we paid the exact price we were told over the phone. Thank you for offering amazing services, affordable for small business.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Sam Hull 19-11-2012


Thank you so very much for removing the nasty coffee stain from my antique rug. I though it would never go away. Thanks so much!

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Kerrie J. 08-10-2012

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