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Greener Carpet Cleaners is a company dedicated to providing outstanding carpet and rug cleaning services to homes and office in Melbourne and the area. We promise amazing results and always deliver what we promise.

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Take Advantage of a Customised Carpet Cleaning Service

Get Greener's carpet experts on the job and make certain the layout of your rugs is completely rejuvenated. We’ll deliver on that promise because of the unsurpassed expertise our seasoned carpet cleaners provide you. With the two most effective carpet cleaning methods at your disposal - steam and dry cleaning, we can treat all sorts and sizes of carpets & rugs.

Besides, we take a few extra steps to assure the advertised results. Like performing an acidity test and pretreating any larger stains or high-traffic areas with a proven solution.

Make use of Greener Carpet Cleaners’ personalised approach and get in touch to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment.

Why Choose Greener’s Carpet Cleaning Methods?

First things first - with Greener Carpet Cleaners you get the results you’re looking for. Thanks to the specific methods, we can assure you we’ll eliminate the stains and remove the dangerous bacteria and germs. Moreover, the rug cleaning methods we offer are completely safe and leave no post-cleaning residue. And because we match the carpet cleaning technique to the material, we guarantee your carpets or rugs won’t stretch or shrink.

Note: the dry carpet cleaning will leave your floor covering ready to be laid and walked on. The steam cleaning, on the other hand, leaves your carpet a bit moist, but 3-6 hours is all it takes for it to dry completely.

Learn more about the carpet cleaning methods we offer below:

Let the Greener teams prolong the life of your carpets with an additional protection. Ask for our special Scotchgard treatment and have your carpets safe and sound for longer.

Other services that you can count on Greener Carpet Cleaners for include: upholstery, and curtain cleaning. Customise your cleaning session and take advantage of the multiple service discounts we have waiting for you.

Make Use of the Service Extras we Offer You!

Choosing to work with Greener Carpet Cleaners also has its perks. You get:

Count on Greener Carpet Cleaners to get your carpets and upholstered furniture back to life.

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Happy clients about us

I made a short-notice booking to get my carpets cleaned after an engagement party we hosted in our main hall and this company got all of the stains out in one service. Couldn't ask for more.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

K. Parmer 22-05-2014


I'm always worried when I entrust my old rugs to random companies, but you proved yourselves in my eyes. I've used your service twice now, and as long as the quality stays as high, I'll continue to use in the future.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Marjoram P. 04-10-2013


I was really pleased with the quality of cleaning, especially considering the price! Would definitely use this service again.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Sophia Wall 27-08-2013


We've used your mattress cleaning service for several months now - our hotel is small but it gets heavy traffic in summer. We've never been disappointed with your service in the slightest, and we're a fan of the rates too!

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Alexandra Sheridan 14-07-2013


We run a small motel on the outskirts of Melbourne and knew the upholstery had to be cleaned, as it didn't look too good. You came at the time you promised, and we paid the exact price we were told over the phone. Thank you for offering amazing services, affordable for small business.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Sam Hull 19-11-2012


Thank you so very much for removing the nasty coffee stain from my antique rug. I though it would never go away. Thanks so much!

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Kerrie J. 08-10-2012

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