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Proper Cleaning Method for Every Fabric

The choice of cleaning method is one of the most important responsibilities of carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals. Efficiency of cleaning and quality of results depend mainly on this choice.

And it is exactly what we are good at. That's our specialty and you can trust Greener Carpet Cleaners to apply the right cleaning method and bring back your carpeting pieces to their best looks and fines state.

There are hundreds of different cleaning methods but all are generally classified into 2 main groups based on the usage of water in the process:

Dry Cleaning

This is one of the safest and most efficient carpet cleaning methods for synthetic fibers as well as the only option for delicate materials (thanks to the lack of water or high temperatures). It’s also quite fast and the rug or carpet can be used right away.

This method consists of spreading the cleaning agent (in the form of a powder) around the piece. Then technicians use a rotary bonnet machine in order to ensure that the cleaning agent binds with the contaminants. When they’re done with this step, they vacuum clean it and remove all the dust, dirt, and grime. The carpet or rug is good as new in no time.

Hot Water Extraction

HWE is often called “steam cleaning”, which is not technically correct because it doesn’t use steam, but warm or hot water. This method is highly effective for stain removal and perfect for natural fibers, because it protects their integrity, without wear and tear.

The process starts with pre-treatment conditioning and some sitting time.Then a specialised extractor is used to deploy the hot water where it can dissolve the contaminants. Finally the same machine extracts the compound from the fibres leaving the carpet/rug fresh and clean . The process is extremely effective and leaves very low moisture levels (though there are some, so be advised you can’t use it right away, unlike dry carpet cleaning).

***Both main cleaning methods apply for upholstery and curtains as well.


Stain Removal

Stain removal is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks in carpet and rug cleaning. The end results and efficacy of the process depend on many factors but mainly stain origins and age as well as the material of the carpeting piece.

Although most of the stains are eliminated during the general carpet cleaning process in some cases it is harder for complete removal to be achieved. Spots, traces, marks or entire stain could remain even after repeating the procedure. However Stain Removal is one of the Greener Carpet Cleaners specialties. In such situations with persistant, old or very heavy staining experts will use know-how, special technics and treatment methods, specialised cleaning products, even stain tests to first determine the type of the stain and then get your rid of it for good.

You can count on the Greener's technicians. If it is possible for the stain to be removed it will be eliminated!

Equipment, Tools and Cleaning Products

All included in the service. Technicians will come to the property with everything that's necessary for the cleaning process.

They also have a range of cleaning products that can be applied depending on the method of cleaning, condition of the fabric, presence of persistent staining, need of pre- or specialised treatment etc.

Cleaning Process

►  Initial Inspection of the Pieces - soiling level, presence of staining, fiber type 

►  Determination of the Right Cleaning Method

►  Pre-treatment

►  Identifing Stained Areas + Specialised treatment

►  Applying HWE or Dry Cleaning Method

►  Additional Treatment (if required or requested)

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Happy clients about us

My carpets are perfectly clean after the service. The price was okay and Sam's team were brilliant.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Lily Jefferies 22-02-2017


Sam's team arrived on time, finished the job quickly and best of all - my sofa is as new. Very good customer service as well.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Jenna Hutton 21-10-2016


I made a short-notice carpet cleaning booking after an engagement party we hosted in our house. The sales operator were very polite and the guy they sent - Jeff did a superb job, getting all of the stains out. Couldn't ask for more.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

K. Parmer 22-05-2016


Wonderful carpet cleaning! I couldn't be happier, thank you!

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Debra Talbot 29-09-2015


Had a mattress and sofa cleaning which came with a nice discount. Thanks for sending Ray, he did a great job. Will use again!

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Keith Buchanon 05-08-2014


Really appreciate the hard work and the time your guys took to walk me through the process and give me maintenance tips.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Patrick Miller 03-08-2014


I'm always worried when I entrust my old rugs to random companies, but you proved yourselves in my eyes. I've used your service twice now, and as long as the quality stays as high, I'll continue to use in the future.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Marjoram P. 04-10-2013


I was really pleased with the quality of cleaning, especially considering the price! Would definitely use this service again.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Sophia Wall 27-08-2013


We've used your mattress cleaning service for several months now - our hotel is small but it gets heavy traffic in summer. We've never been disappointed with your service in the slightest, and we're a fan of the rates too!

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Alexandra Sheridan 14-07-2013


We run a small motel on the outskirts of Melbourne and knew the upholstery had to be cleaned, as it didn't look too good. You came at the time you promised, and we paid the exact price we were told over the phone. Thank you for offering amazing services, affordable for small business.

Greener Carpet Cleaners

Sam Hull 19-11-2012